Amoeba feeds on minute microscopic organisms or bacteria. It is a microscopic single celled organisms. The mode of Nutrition in Amoeba is Holozoic in which solid food is engulfed in following steps:
Ingestion:- When Amoeba comes in contact with prey, the finger like Pseudopodia surrounds it and engulf it. This food is trapped in a food vacuole. This food vacuole now moves into the cytoplasm.
Digestion:- Food in the food vacuole is digested by digestive enzymes secreted by cytoplasm. The reaction in the food vacuole is first acidic due to HCl and than becomes alkaline. In acidic medium prey is killed. In alkaline medium the prey is digested.
Absorption:- Digested food now diffuses into the cytoplasm and used for energy growth and repair.
Egestion :- Now food vacuoles moves to the body surface and than ruptures, so undigested food expelled out of the body at any point because amoeba has no Anus.