In this chapter, we will study :

  •          What are fractions 
  •          Types of fractions- 

         (a)     Comparison of fractions             
         (b)     Operation on fractions

    Fraction is a part of whole.

Denominator tells us about into how many equal parts the whole is divided. 
Numerator tells us how many parts are considered of the whole

Types of Fractions
1.    Decimal fractions : Any fraction whose denominator is in the form of 10n, n   N as i.e.10,100, 1000 etc. is called a decimal fraction. 

2.    Vulgar fraction : Any fraction other than decimal fraction is called vulgar fraction. 

3.    Proper fraction : Any fraction having its numerator less than its denominator is called a proper fraction.

4.    Improper Fraction : Any fraction whose numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator is called an Improper fraction. 

5.    Mixed Fraction : When an improper fraction is expresed as sum of a natural number and a proper fraction is called mixed fraction. 

6.    Equivalent Fractions : The fractions obtained by multiplying the numerator and denominator both by the same number are called Equivalent fractions.

7.    Like Fractions : Those fractions which have same denominator but different numerator are called like fractions.

8.    Unlike Fractions : Fractions which do not have common denominator are unlike fractions.