ASA Congruence


ASA Congruence Rule (Angle – Side – Angle )

The triangles are said to be congruent if two angles and the included side of a triangle are equal to two corresponding angles and the included side of another triangle.

Example :

Conclude that ∆AOC ∆BOD, using ASA congruence rule from the given figure.

Solution :

Consider the two triangles AOC and BOD,
Given that C = D =70°
Also, note that  AOC = BOD = 30° Which are vertically opposite angles
So, we can write that the angle A of triangle AOC
∆AOC = 180° – (70° + 30°) = 80° (By angle sum property of a triangle)
Similarly, for B of ∆BOD = 180° – (70° + 30°) = 80°
So, we have A = B, AC = BD and C = D
Now, the side AC is between A and C and the side BD is between B and D.
So, by using ASA congruence rule, it is written as

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