Site Study Mehrgarh

The site of mehrgarh is considered to be one of the most fertile plain. It is located near Bolan pass. Bolan pass is considered to be one of the most important route that leads to Iran. It is one of the most oldest village known. It is in Mehrgarh that people learned to rear animals like sheep and goat and grew crops in grains like wheat and barley. Some bones were also found in mehrgarh .It was believed that those bones were those of goat and sheap ,dear and some wild animals.

The houses in the mehrgarh had 2 to 4 compartments. The houses  in Mehrgarh were  used for storage as well.

When people used to die in mehrgarh they were buried deep into the ground. They were paid respect and homage by their relatives. It was believed that life still exists after death. with this belief they buried some animals along with the body with the belief that the animal would serve them food in the next World.

There were paintings drawn in the caves . The paintings were those of animals like reindeer, rhinoceros, cattle or any wild animals .These animals were painted in bright colors. The colors were made of minerals like charcoal or iron Ore.

The belief is such that these paintings must have been done on certain occasions or rituals. At the same time it is believed that these paintings were done at a ritual when hunters were going to prey.

Site study Mehrgarh

  • Mehrgarh is one of the earliest known villages.
  • At present in Balochistan
  • It is one of the most important routes into Iran
  • It is located in a fertile plain near the bolan pass. 
 Some important archaeological sites
  • it was the first place where people learned to grow Barley and wheat.
  • Sheep and Goats rearing was started for the first time in this area.

Remains Found At this site :

  • bones of sheep and goat
  • Bones of wild animals such as the deer and pig
  • remains of square or rectangular houses
    • Each house has four or more compartments some of which may have been used for storage

Burial arrangements:

  • People believed life after death
  • People pay respect to their relatives and friends when they die
  • several burial sites have been found at Mehrgarh

  • In one site goats were kept to serve as food in the next world for the dead person