Varibous Types of Livelihood in Urban Areas
    In urban areas (big cities and towns) different types of people reside and they practise different types of livelihoods. 
    Factory workers, shopkeepers, businessmen, professionals (like teachers, doctors, lawyers, clerks, etc.) are the main people who reside in the cities and towns. There are, however, other people who follow different kinds of professions. They include                    vegetable vendors, domestic servants, garment workers, and bank employees, etc.
    1.    Factory workers form a substantial part of the urban population. They are employed in different factories where they work day and night and produce various things of daily use such as cloth, hosiery articles, medicines, chemicals, etc.

    2.    Shopkeepers and businessmen are busy in buying and selling different types of things –from bread, butter, vegetables, fruits, food grains, sweets, groceries to books and stationery.

    3.    Professionals like teachers, doctors, lawyers, bank employees, clerks, postmen, policemen also form a major part of the urban population. They serve the society in their own way.

          Teachers and professors educate the students and enlighten them. Doctors work in hospitals and dispensaries and cure the people of their illness. The bank employees look into various money transaction jobs. The postman and other post office                          employees handle different means of communication and emotionally connect the people living in different parts of the country and abroad. The policeman helps in maintaining law and order in the cities and towns.

4.      Besides the above people, there are some other people who reside within urban areas such as vegetable vendors, domestic servants, garment workers, bank employees, etc. Vegetable  vendors move from street to street and supply fruits and vegetables           to citizens at their door-step. As the urban population leads a comfortable life they engage domestic servants who help them in their household duties like cooking, washing, and cleaning their rooms.
        There are scores of other people also who form a part of the urban population. It is not possible to mention all of them but all of them help each other in the best possible way.