Difference between Self-Employment Regular Employment and Wage Employment 

    In cities and towns a major part of the people are self-employed who themselves run their own businesses and shops. They are independent to run their show as they like. Their incomes depend on hard work and interaction. Shopkeepers and businessmen        form a major section of the self-employed .

Regular Employment
    There are some employees who are employed on a permanent basis. They are given a regular monthly salary and allowances. All public and private servants are part and parcel of regular employment.

Wage Employment
    People who are not employed on a regular basis and are engaged in day to day employment form a part of the wage employment. They are labourers, carpenters, painters, stone-cutters, sanitary workers, etc.

Rural-Urban Links through Migration
    The act of shifting from one place to the other is called migration. Due to lack of employment facilities in rural areas, many villagers migrate to neighbouring towns and cities. This links rural and urban lives. Such migration of rural folks to urban areas leads to      the over-crowding of cities thereby creating unsanitary conditions there. But it has certain advantages of its own. It leads to the prosperity of both the rural and urban people. The rural people can send their incomes to dependents living in the village and the        urban people can expand their business with the help of rural labour.Thus the rural people save their families from starvation and the urban people increase their production with easily available labour.

                                                          Key Words
SELFEMPLOYED     :     Those that run a business or a venture using their own resources
MIGRATION              :     Movement of people from rural areas to urban areas
DAILY WAGER          :     One who gets wages for a day's work
CALL CENTRE          :     A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) office where executives handle queries,  billings etc., for large companies on the telephone