Ashoka – The emperor

Ashoka, Kalinga War, Ashoka's Dharma

Ashoka was the most famous Mauryan ruler. He was the first to have started spreading his messages through inscriptions. His instructions were written in Prakrit Language and in Brahmi Script.

Kalinga War

Kalinga was the ancient name of coastal Orissa. He fought war to capture Kalinga. But when saw violence and bloodshed every where in the battlefield he was terrified. His heart changed and he decided to give up violence and wars after that incident. He was the first ever ruler who gave up wars after winning.

Ashoka's Dhamma

Ashoka's Dhamma did not believe in the worship of God or sacrifice. He was greatly inspired by the teaching of Buddha. There were number of problems in his empire.

  • Everybody followed Different religion which at times led to conflict.
  • Animals were sacrificed.
  • Slaves and servents were badly treated.
  • There were quarrels among the family members as well as between neighbours.

Ashoka believed it was his duty to solve these problems. So he appointed officials known as Dhamma Mahamatta, who went from places to places guiding people about Dhamma. Ashoka also asked his officials to read his inscribed messages to them who could read them by themselves. He also sent his Dhamma messages to other lands like Syria, Egypt, Greece, Srilanka. He also built roads, rest houses and dug Wells. He arranged medical treatment for people and animals both.