All animals need food to survive. Animals eat many different kinds of foods including other animals, fish, nuts and seeds, tree leaves and branches, insects, and grass.There are three categories on basis of which animals are divided for their food.

Animals that eat only plants are called herbivores. Most herbivores, including the giraffe, macaw, ground squirrel, and elephant.

Animals that eat only other animals are called carnivores. Polar bears, sharks, woodpeckers, and anteaters are all examples of carnivores.

Omnivores eat both plants and animals. A typical grizzly bear, for example, will eat just about anything it can catch and get its mouth around. Grizzlies are known to kill their own food, including deer, but will also scavenge the carcasses of dead animals. They also eat fish, amphibians, small mammals, insects, berries and tree buds.