•  Living Things Grow
All living things show growth. You are familiar with the growth of a baby into an adult. Plants also grow. Farmers plant seedlings in the field which in due course of time grow into matured plants. Growth in living thing is permanent and irreversible.

•  Living Things Reproduce 
All living organisms reproduce their own kind. Different animals show different mode of reproduction. Some animals produce their young ones through eggs, for example, hen, snake etc. Some animals like man, cow, sheep, goat, etc. give birth to young ones.

Plants also reproduce through seeds. Seeds are sown in the soil which on germination grow into new plants. Some plants can reproduce from their stems, roots, leaves or cuttings.

•  Living Things Have a Definite Lifespan
Life Cycle : Living things follow a life cycle. They start their life form a single cell. In case of animals, the life cycle consists of birth, growth, reproduction and death .In plants, life cycle begins through seeds or spores. The life cycle of an organism may take a few hours, a few days or hundreds of years to complete.The period during which an organism completes its life cycle is called its life span. In case of bacteria, for example, the life span is very short.

•  Lifespan of Some Organisms

Do you know : 
Father of Bilogy – the ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) is known as the father of biology.

•    Are there things in between living and non living : Yes, viruses are such entities existing in the universe. Viruses grow and multiply only when they are inside living things like man. Outside living bodies, they are lifeless and are just like a crystal.