Food is needed by all living beings for four main purposes:

  • for their growth.
  • to provide energy for doing work.
  • for the repair and replacement of the damaged tissues.
  • to provide resistance and protection against diseases from infections.

If a person does not get food, she/he feels weak and is likely to fall ill.

Different people have different choices of food.

There is a wide range of food items eaten across various states of India. Different organisms eat different kinds of food.

Human beings are omnivores.

Our food comes from different sources.

We get food from plants as well as animals.

We eat animals (as meat) as well as their different products like milk, eggs and honey.

Cooked food can be easily consumed and absorbed by our body. Cooking also kills the harmful germs.

We should have sprouted seeds every day. Sprouted seeds are rich in nutrients.
Food Where Does It Come From Class 6 Notes Science Chapter 1