Extended Learning – Activities and Projects
1.    To measure the height of a person.
Materials required : Measuring tape, a thick book, and a pencil.
Procedure : To measure the height of your friend, make him / her stand absolutely straight with his/her back against a wall. Place a thick rigid book on his/her head and make a mark on the wall where the underside of the book touches the wall. Measure the length from this mark to the floor with the help of the measuring tape. This gives the height of your friend make sure he/she is not wearing shoes to gain some extra inches.

2.  To measure the thickness of a sheet of paper of your science book.
It is not easy to measure the thickness of a single sheet of paper by using metre scale. The method used to find the thickness of a single sheet is as follows : 
Take 100 sheets of paper together. Find their combined thickness by using a centimetre scale. Divide the total thickness by the number of sheets. It is the thickness of a single sheet. For example: If the thickness of 100 sheets = 1.5 cm.

3.  To measure the diameter of a ball with the help of metre scale.
The diameter of a ball can be measured correctly with the help of metre scale. It is one of the ways in which diameters of spherical surface can be measured easily. In this method, the two wooden blocks A and B must be exactly parallel to each other

4    To measure the thickness of a thin wire.
Take a round pencil and wrap the given wire round the pencil making 25 turns forming a coil. Measure the length of the so formed coil. Divide the total length of the coil by number of turns. This is the thickness of the wire.