CBSE Class 6 Sanskrit Syllabus and Notes

The CBSE board or the Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the most popular education boards in existence in India. To ensure quality education for the students and help them score good marks in their examinations, the CBSE board releases a syllabus every year so that the students of all classes, can stay aware of what they should study. Here, Edumple has brought you the CBSE Class 6 Sanskrit Syllabus and Notes.

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages that are in existence today and the pride of the Indians. The CBSE board deems that the language of ancient India is one of the core languages that the students must learn, which is why the board has considered Sanskrit as a third language along with French, and either of them can be opted by the students. However, Edumple knows that they should first be thorough with the basics, which is why here it has presented the CBSE Class 6 Notes and Syllabus for Sanskrit.