Construction of a bar graph :
    Steps :  
    1.     On the graph paper draw a horizontal line (x-axis) and a vertical line (y-axis)
    2.     Along the horizontal line, mark points at equal distances and write the names of the items for which the data is to be represented.
    3.     Choose a suitable scale which shall determine the height of the bars.
    4.     Locate the heights of different bars according to scale.
    5.     On x-axis draw bars of equal width according to the required height.
    6.     Keep the distance between the bars the same.

    Drawing a bar graph : Let us draw a bar graph for this data.

First of all draw a horizontal line and a vertical line. On the horizontal line we will draw bars representing each fruit and on vertical line we will write numerals representing number of students.
    Let us choose a scale. It means we first decide how many students will be represented by unit length of a bar. 
    Here, we take 1 unit length to represent 1 student only. We get a bar graph as shown in adjoining figure.

Ex. 4 : Read the bar graph given below and answer the following questions.

(i)    What is the total number of students in all the clubs together ?
Sol.     20 + 30 +40 + 20 = 110 students

(ii)    Which club has more students and how many ?
Sol.     Drama club, 40 students

(iii)    Which club have equal number of students ? 
Sol.     Cricket club and music club

(iv)     How any students are there in hockey club ? 
Sol.     30 students.

(v)    What information is given in the bar graph ? 
Sol.     The bar graph represetns the number of members of different sports clubs.


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