Rules to conjugate the verbs with Subject Pronouns

Les verbes réguliers en –ER

In French, verbs which infinitive form ends in -ER (parler, aimer, habiter, étudier etc.) are REGULAR and belong to the “first conjugation” (“premier groupe“). Exception : the verb “aller” (to go), which belongs to the 3rd group.
Endings for the indicative present are : je : -e, tu : -es, il/elle/on : -e, nous : -ons, vous : -ez, ils/elles : -ent
Conjugation of the indicative present of the verb “parler” will be obtained by adding those endings to the stem parl-.

The only endings that are pronounced are -ons and -ez. Other endings are silent.

Some Common -er verbs
I know what you’re thinking: “Let’s see some verbs, already!”
Here’s a list of common –er verbs:
•    Aimer (to like)
•    Changer (to change)
•    Demander (to ask)
•    Écouter (to listen)
•    Fabriquer (to make)
•    Habiter (to live)
•    Jouer (to play)
•    Manger (to eat)
•    Parler (to talk)
•    Rester (to stay, to remain)
•    Signer (to sign)
•    Trouver (to find)
•    Visiter (to visit a place)
•    Adorer (to love)