The French and English alphabets share the same letters. However, the way we pronounce the letters of the alphabet in French is a bit different.

French alphabets have the same 26 letters as in English, but not all of them are pronounced in a similar manner.

In French, we have the same vowels a, e, i, o, u and also y in some cases. The letter “h” is always is always silent and is, therefore, treated like a vowel.

Some important points for reciting the French alphabets are:

- F L M N O S Z     -   sounds are almost the same as in English

- B C D G P T V (bay,say, etc.)    -     with the A sound as in Day

- A H K (aa, ahsh,kaa)    -    with the A sound as in Star

- I J X (ee, zhee, eeks)   -  with the I sound as in See            

- Q U     -    with the U sound as in ew           

- E (uh)   -    with the E sound as in But             

R         =          Air

W        =          Dooble Vay (doo-bluh-vay)

Y          =          (Greek i) i.e. (ee-grec)

G         =          Zhay

J           =          Zhee

(G and J sound makes confused, so be careful)

Identification of French Letters  (sound)

.Aside from a few exceptions, usually C, R, F, L (remember the word CaReFuL), final consonants aren’t pronounced in French. Pronounce a final consonant only if it is followed by a vowel.