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Placement of colours with noun

Some points we have to remember about colours are:

- In French, all colours come after the noun they are describing.
e.g. A red pen – un stylo rouge
- Like all other adjectives in French, colours agree with the nouns they are describing, in number and gender.
- Compound colours like “light blue” and “dark green” don’t agree with the noun they are describing.
e.g. A light blue dress – une robe bleu clair
- Colours like “orange” and “marron” which are derived from a fruit or nut are invariable, i.e. they do not change in te feminine or plural.
- Whenever we ask the question, “What colour is…..?” in French, we always have to start the question with “De quelle couleur est ……?”
For example:
De quelle couleur est la chaise ? (What colour is the chair ?)
La chaise est brune. (The chair is brown)