CBSE Class 6 Civics Syllabus and Notes

CBSE is one of the most popular boards of education in India and happens to aim to extend quality education to students of all classes. In this process, the Central Board of Secondary Education releases a syllabus for each of the classes, which the students should be thorough with before starting with their studies. Here, we have brought to you the CBSE Class 6 Civics Syllabus and Notes.

Civics, as a subject is popular indeed, and is also counted as one of the core subjects. While Civics is paired with History on many boards, CBSE has kept the same separate, which means that the students should give a lot more importance to the subject itself. However, first knowing the syllabus of Civics is important. So, hurry up and check out the Class 6 CBSE Civics notes and syllabus below, which you can either download or print out at your leisure.