2. Nature of Carbon Compounds

Carbon and its compounds

Sample paper

  • 1)What is catenation
  • 2)What are isomers write the isomers of butane
  • 3) What is the mean by homologous series explain with example
  • 4) What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated compounds give two examples of each
  • 5) How many number of bonds are present in alkane alkene and alkyne
  • 6) What is the general formula of alkyl group and cycloalkanes
  • 7) Write a formula of
  • cyclopentane
  • Propyne
  •  butanol 
  • Benzene
  • 8) What are soaps explain its structure and cleansing action of soap
  • 9) what do the detergent forms when they mix and water and what is the difference between detergent and soap
  • 10) What are the products formed
  • When the flame burns with blue flame and
  • when the bus with yellow frame


What is difference between combustion and oxidation

12) what do you mean by saponification explain with reaction

13) what is the eastrification give the chemical reaction and what are the products formed

14) what are addition and substitution reactions give one example of each

15) explain the tetravalency of carbon what is the reason why there are lot of carbon compounds are made by the carbon